Friday 17 July 2009

European stocks rises; Dollar slightly higher (Barcelona) - Stock markets in Europe are rising today's Friday session, following the green numbers in Asia, on economic recovery optimism despite speculations on CIT Group will file for bankruptcy. Exports fell more than imports in Europe in May, indicating that trade remains substantially weaker than last year after the credit crisis collapses.

DJ Eurostoxx 50 is rising 0.77% so far today, FTSE 100 advances 0.70%, CAC 40 posts 0.80% increases, DAX index climbs 0.95% today's session and the IBEX 35 is reaching 0.85% daily gains.

In Asia, Nikkei index has posted 0.55% gains, Hang Seng jumped 2.42% today and S&P/ASX 200 advanced 0.13% on Friday.

Eurozone n.s.a trade balance reduced its surplus in May to 1.9B from 2.7B posted in April. s.a trade balance posts 800 millions surplus in May from 300 millions deficit posted in April.

EUR/USD is falling 0.25% so far today from opening price to the current 1.4090/1.4500. GBP/USD has declined 0.65% on the day to the current 1.6300/10 after posting 1.6285 as intra-day low.

USD/JPY continues trading in a narrow range between 93.55 and 93.75 and USD/CHF is rising 0.35% so far today after jumping to test 1.0790, yesterday's high.

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